How to become an F1 Parts Co-Ordinator

The next feature in my ‘How to become a’ series showcases Cory Ashton, a Part Co-Ordinator at Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. Granted, this topic area is rather niche, but there are currently multiple positions available for people like Cory in the motorsport industry.

Cory started out as an Engineer with Williams and has progressed to his current role. Diverse, challenging and requiring him to think on his feet, find out more below.

What the job entails: “My role as a parts co-ordinator is to supply the race team with everything they need to continue running where ever they might be racing in the world,” Cory tells me. “We select the parts from an in-house computer system which shows us what parts they are in need of. Therefore, we can send specific parts out to them, often in big shipments.

“When the team are back at the factory, we are responsible for supplying the parts so all the cars can be built correct to the letter for the upcoming race. They have to be made to the specification.”

A day in the life of a parts co-ordinator: “It’s difficult to describe a typical day because our workload and our schedule varies so much,” he begins. “We could word from 4 am to 8 pm one day and from 6 am to 3 pm the next – it really does vary so much.

“It is difficult to talk about day-to-day life in the job as it depends massively on what the team needs and so on. All of these parts have been made at the factory and are then transferred into a shipping location and boxed up.

“We work to a cut-off time, which is usually two hours before the parts are collected by DHL to be taken to the airport or wherever and transported to the race team from there.”

The path to follow: “It’s hard to pinpoint the steps I made to get here, I just kind of progressed up through the racing series, starting with British Touring Cars at the age of 14.

“From there I went to various GT categories, both national and international, and eventually I made the move to F1 when I had gathered enough experience and skill sets,” Cory admitted.

“The only qualifications I have are GCSEs and then I studied sports science at college. I have got to where I am through gaining experience at a young age!”

The highlight: “I’d say the best part is definitely seeing our drivers on the top of the podium!” he enthuses. “Without a doubt, you can’t beat the feeling of knowing that you were a part of the team and you helped to achieve the victory or podium. I think that would be the same answer for most people who work in the world of motorsport.”

And one final piece of advice: “The one thing I would say to someone is just to gain as much experience as possible from a young age. Experience speaks volumes and makes your CV stand out!”


Cory Ashton with some of the team’s silverware.


Renault Sport F1 are currently looking for a Race Team Assistant Parts Co-Ordinator. You can find out more about the role and apply here:




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