Top moments in F1 2017

As Formula 1 shuts down for the annual summer break, I thought I would take a light-hearted look back at the top five moments F1 has given us so far this season. 

Five – Alonso topping the time sheets in Q1

It is no secret that McLaren Honda has endured another season of relentless struggle. For the fans, it is nothing new to see double retirements in the race or both cars knocked out of Q1 in qualifying.

This is why it was so fantastic to see Fernando Alonso in P1 after the first stint of qualifying at Silverstone. Regardless of the fact that it was mainly down to luck and the British weather. But still, Alonso parked his GP2 engine somewhere once unimaginable, showing class once again.

Four – Stroll on the podium

Lance Stroll has been on a steep learning curve in 2017. Not only has he got a very respected driver as his team-mate, but he is having to try and prove the critics wrong.

At his home race in Canada, he finally did so by scoring his first points. Two weeks later he completely blew them out of the water by holding his nerve to take his first ever podium in F1.

While he was tantalisingly close to claiming second, Stroll still put in a mature and composed drive to take third place.

His spot on the podium meant Daniel Ricciardo forced him to do his first shoey. Rather you than me. 

Ricciardo looking far too smug. Image rights: Getty.

Three – Ferrari 1-2

I am not necessarily a fan of Ferrari but their 1-2 in Monaco gave me goosebumps.

The team has struggled over the past few years, so for them to dominate the most prestigious event of the year was rather spectacular.

A skillful drive from Vettel saw him take the win, with Kimi Raikkonen not far behind (let’s not forget about the team orders).

It was a good day in the office for the boys and girls in red, who scored their first 1-2 at Monaco in over 16 years.

download (5)
Image rights: Reuters/M. Rossi

Two –  Alonso’s radio message to Button

While Alonso was preparing for the Indianapolis 500 race, Jenson Button was briefly out of retirement and in the Spaniard’s car, ready to race in Monaco.

Before lights out, Alonso had a special message for his former team-mate, which made up slightly for Button having to start from the pitlane.

Little did Alonso know that his message would carry so much irony. Button had a collision with Pascal Wehrlein which ended his comeback race early. And ruined Alonso’s car in the process.


One – Baku.

It is hard to politely sum up the race in Baku. So, avoiding swearing completely…sh*t hit the fan. And then hit the fan again.

We had that moment with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel…

Vettel and Hamilton
Image rights: Sky F1.

As if the race hadn’t been bonkers enough already, a second safety car period coming to an end saw Vettel bump into the race leader. And then drive alongside him and hit him again. Nice.

Perhaps the best part of the race in Azerbaijan was that it delivered so many surprises. The run-up to the event had been dampened by some negative publicity, so it was refreshing to see a spectacular race. Especially after last year’s dull installment.

Daniel Ricciardo showcased his talents by overtaking two cars in one corner and then surprised even himself by being the first man to cross the line. No one had seen that coming.

And we had Kimi and his steering wheel.

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