A prologue | Lifeline

Some of you may know that I have been working away on a book. I should probably refer to it by its name – Lifeline – but it feels slightly odd to type. Writing a novel has been strange and I am still very much in the dark.

Anyhow, I wrote the prologue and thought I would share it with you. Please leave a comment and your thoughts, or share the link if you can. The only hint that I will give is that an aviation disaster is about to take place and the protagonist believes this to be her final few moments. 

The metal bird that I was on was tumbling, freefalling. I know that this is the end. But I’m not scared or angry, more regretful that I didn’t stand up for the values I believed in, the ones instilled in me by my parents. How would they view my decisions from above, or wherever they are? Where will I go?

With a violent jolt I am thrust back to the now, still alive. Above the grinding of metal, I can hear the screaming, yet I can’t make a sound. No sound at all. This is it. My mind goes blank as I prepare to brace, in the hope that doing so will enable my teeth to be identified as belonging to me.

The person next to me grips hold of my wrist. He’s violently shaking and I know that he is terrified. I don’t feel bad for wishing this to end right now. I’ve felt their pain before and I never want people to experience the anguish I went through. That’s why, right now, I am numb. I can’t comprehend how another tragedy is going to be thrust upon my poor brother. I’m sorry Thomas, I really am. 


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