Reliving my first grand prix

Monza is the temple of speed, the grand prix to attend if you're looking for an electric atmosphere - fast corners, long straights, and the formidable Tifosi, it has it all. This time last year, I was in the midst of experiencing the best weekend of my life. A bold statement I’ll admit, but I... Continue Reading →

The immense story of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

"It's going to be an incredibly tricky race," said Hamilton during the track parade. Boy, was he right... Azerbaijan has been home to criticism, and not only for it's lack of on-track action during its inaugural race in 2016. But, thankfully, just like last year, 2018's race provided drama, excitement and thrills.  Here's a look back... Continue Reading →

Why a career in motorsport?

Why a career in motorsport? I've been asked the above question so many times in my life and, since starting university, it has become more and more frequent. While my friends are wanting to persue a career in photojournalism or presenting, I'm adamant that I'll follow the path of writing and Tweeting about motorsport for... Continue Reading →

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